Music Ministry

CCG's New Musician - Dorothy Dittrich

Dorothy Dittrich is a musician, playwright and sound designer. She has been a  member of the Vancouver Theatre community for many years where she has worked as a vocal coach and Musical  Director. Her award-winning play “The Piano Teacher” has just been published by Talon books. Dorothy has recently moved to the Island and is proud to call Nanaimo home. She is thrilled to be living in this beautiful place and to be part of the United Church Community on Gabriola.

Dorothy will provide music leadership 3 Sundays per month. On the other Sundays, we will worship with recorded music on zoom, recorded organ music, and the gifts and skills of musicians in the congregation.

Our Choir
The Christ Church Gabriola choir is under the direction of Don Butt, BScPhm MD CCFP FCFP. Don is a member of the Malaspina and Island Consort choirs in Nanaimo. He is also an accomplished flautist and photographer. 

The Christ Church Gabriola Ensemble is a new group which practices before church on Sunday and which helps us learn new worship songs.

Guest musicians and vocalists are invited to participate in worship services throughout the year. Members who contribute special music are James Hollis on guitar, Karen Hollis on cello, Charlie Blackburn on clarinet, Lisa Griffith on piano, Don Butt on flute, Pat Armstrong on violin and Alannah Dow on cello.

Listen to the beautiful performance of Haydn Trio #1 First Movement (see above )that we were privileged to enjoy Sunday, June 16, 2019, during the service.

Our New Church Organ

On Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022, the congregation were delighted to hear the new organ for the first time during a church service.

Listen to Hiromi playing Bach D Minor Toccata and Fugue (see attached)

Turner Ivany played Amazing Grace for us on the new organ.