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Worship Transitions, March 2022

Almost exactly 2 years ago we had a dramatic change from our long-standing in-person worship practice to zoom services. The transition took some time and intentionality, but we were able to make the shift and found new ways to connect and engage in meaningful worship.

We are once again in a period of transition. As COVID restrictions continue to relax, the possibilities for worship are changing again and we are entering a period of worship experimentation. As we make plans, we're keeping in mind the needs of our congregation (both in-person worship and an online option), COVID restrictions and protocols, and available volunteers. For the next few months we are going to try a mixture of the following formats: zoom worship, as we've done for the last 2 years; hybrid worship, with people gathered and leading worship in the sanctuary and on zoom; and in person, both in the sanctuary and outdoors (Easter Sunrise). One of our limitations is people available to offer tech support for hybrid services. These services are highly technical and require well-trained volunteers. We are making adjustments and refinements to the system to make the volunteer role simpler and easier . . . this work is ongoing. Please let Karen know if you're interested in helping with the technical parts of hybrid worship. We're also looking for Gabriola teens to help, who might also like to receive volunteer hours - please contact Karen if any come to mind.

This spring is the season of trying things. While we acknowledge not everything we attempt is guaranteed to work, we're going to learn what is possible for us, what is sustainable for us, what is joyful and worshipful for us, and further clarify the needs of our community. During this season of experimentation we will be regularly seeking your feedback, so please share with the worship committee any comments as we find our way.

Rev. Karen Hollis

Christ Church Gabriola-2600 South Rd, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X7, 250.247.8633