Church Giving

Listed below are a number of ways in which you can make your financial gift to Christ Church Gabriola for the church’s ministry on Gabriola Island and beyond.  All donations are appreciated.

Ways to Give

·       Automatic Withdrawals

Automatic withdrawals are a cost-effective way to donate to Christ Church Gabriola, and help the Church to have a reliable revenue stream over the course of the year. You can easily set up an electronic monthly donation…

·       Occasional Online Donations

 Christ Church Gabriola now accepts e-transfers using the email address:       No password is needed. If you require a Charitable Receipt, please ensure that you email your contact info to the same email address.

You may also choose to donate through Canada Note that this organization withholds a portion of your donation for processing fees: 4.0% for one time donations

Automatic Withdrawals

Automated monthly online donations are a cost-effective way to donate to Christ Church Gabriola, and they create a reliable revenue stream for the Church over the course of the year.

To set up regular contributions directly from your bank account, please contact the Treasurer at  for more details.

Occasional Online Donations

Christ Church Gabriola now accepts e-transfers using the email address:  No password is needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the transfer is made without a password, the Church does not receive any messages that were intended to accompany the transfer. The only information the Church receives is the name of the donor. IF you would like a charitable receipt, OR if the money is intended as payment for a wedding or memorial, please take the time to send a separate email to with contact information and details.

·       Sunday Worship Offerings
Offerings are received at each Sunday service.

Ø  Regular attendees may request a package of individualised, offering envelopes from the treasurer.

Ø  Occasional attendees may donate in cash or by cheque.  If you require a receipt for a cash donation then identification details must be provided.  Please ask for an envelope from the Sunday greeters.

·         By Mail
Cheques payable to  ‘Christ Church Gabriola’ may be mailed to:

Christ Church Gabriola
2600 South Rd
Gabriola Island, BC

V0R 1X7