Approved by Council, November 11, 2018      


1. Insurance

The renter is required to obtain third-party liability insurance for the event from the present insurers of the church and provide a copy to the Rental Contact Person in advance of the event.  Information for obtaining this insurance is available from the Rental Contact Person.  

2. Fees - Sanctuary + Hall + Kitchen         

  •   $25 / hr or portion - Sanctuary + Hall                                          
  •   $20 / hr or portion - Hall + Kitchen                                              
  •   $20 / hr or portion - Hall only                                                 
  •   $12 / hr or portion All set-up and clean-up time must be included within the time booked.  

3. Church Equipment

The church piano, organ, amplifiers, and other sensitive equipment are not to be moved unless supervised by the Church Council.  All other equipment that is moved must be returned to original locations.

4. Maximum Capacity

Occupancy numbers and furniture layout must not exceed posted Fire Department requirements.  No exit is to be blocked.  

5. Use of Alcohol and/or Tobacco and/or Cannabis

Use of alcohol and/or tobacco and/or cannabis are not permitted at non-church-sponsored events held on church property.  

6. Post-rental Cleaning

The church is to be left in as-good-as-found condition.

7.  Cancellation

A rental agreement may be cancelled with 21 days’ notice for a church event such as a funeral or special meeting.  The church will make every effort to avoid cancelling a rental agreement.            


  1.    Rooms required:   _______________________________________________  

  2.    Date(s) and time(s) required:  ____________________________________________

  3.    Organization/Individual:  ___________________________________________

  • Name of contact person: __________________________________
  • Phone: ________________  
  • E-mail address:   ____________________________­­­­­______    


  4.    Description of Event    _________________________________________________________      

I have read and accept the Conditions and Responsibilities of this rental agreement as set out on the previous page.  

  Event contact person:   _______________________________________   Date ________________            

RENTAL CONTACT PERSON   Brian Field              

        The Rental Contact Person will provide a church key for the rental period.  

Rental Agreement

Please send the information requested on the attached Rental Agreement Form

1.  Copy the attached form and insert it in the 'message' section of the Contact Form below.


2.  Download the form and email it to:                

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