Our Windows

The stained glass windows in the sanctuary feature a central theme of local trees to complement images and teachings of the Bible.

The Artist

Local Gabriola glass artist, Darlene Mace-Harvey designed and installed all of the stained glass windows in the church.

About Our Windows in the Sanctuary

The windows project began in 1988, featuring a central theme of local trees to complement the images and teachings from the Bible.

The first window was installed on August 28, 1988, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the United Church and depicts our native arbutus tree.



The Gray Family Memorial window was dedicated on December 18, 1988, and features the dogwood tree and sheep. The Grays have a sheep farm here on Gabriola.



The third window to be installed is entitled 'Let There Be Peace.' This Easter scene features a tree with a modern crucifixion scene embedded in the trunk. The Sweet family in 1989 sponsored this window.https://www.christchurchgabriola.ca/df_media/W1siZiIsIjIwMjEvMDMvMjUvMTgvMDkvMzYvNTM0NWFlYmUtNmI2Mi00MGNkLTg5ZDYtYWVkNTE5ZmU5ZGQxL0NodXJjaCBXaW5kb3c4ICAxMTA4MDEgKDEpLmpwZWciXV0/Church%20Window8%20%20110801%20%281%29.jpeg?sha=3132e6b25bfbae0f 

On October 8, 1989, the Outreach window was dedicated and depicts a fruit tree with fruit harvested to share. At the same time, the congregation raised an equal amount of money for the Crosby Mission Boat Fund.



The fifth window featuring an angel and Moses' burning bush was installed in November 1992 in memory of Jack Steele who always sat below that window. He was a strength to the congregation.


Artist Darlene Mace was given free rein to say something close to her heart in this final window in the sanctuary and she created, 'The Stewardship of the Forest' in 1994. It features our Douglas Firs and the elements of air, water, earth and fire. In 2010, a plaque was placed beside the window stating In Recognition of Roy and Gwen Hales for their years of service.



About Our Windows in the Hall

The church hall was renovated and in 2008 new windows were installed, each with a pane of stained glass, again designed by Dar Mace. Two of the windows boast the United Church emblem and were dedicated by Mollie Ford in loving memory of her husband Frank; dedicated by Judy Kubey; dedicated by the families of Art and Dorothea Renney and in loving memory of Frank Burgess.



The centre hall window, boasting a beautiful red bird with its wings extended in a wide embrace, was dedicated in memory of Kathy Mary Fawdrey by her loving family that included our dear Sharon Wishart, the church pianist at that time.


About the Artist Dar Mace

We have been most fortunate to have local glass artist Dar Mace design and install all of the stained glass windows at Gabriola United Church.

Window photos by Don Butt