Prayer Wheel

The Prayer Wheel is a team of prayer companions who pray by request for those in physical, emotional or spiritual need. One person, the coordinator, has oversight of this and can be contacted by phoning or emailing the church office with requests for prayer.

If there is an urgent need, a request is emailed out to the prayer wheel team at any time.

The coordinator sends out a complete prayer list by email once a week to the entire team. Prayer companions pray for the person(s) for whom a request has come through, and continue to pray on a daily basis for two weeks.

Some people are kept on a “continuing prayer” list depending on the nature of their need. Only the first name, the first initial of the last name, and sometimes a short focus statement is given to prayer wheel members.

For a prayer request phone:250-247-8633 or email at

Prayer wheel requests are kept private and confidential.  

 Spirit of the living God, be present with us as we pray, Fill the body, mind and spirit of those we are asked to pray for. Heal all that harms and be with those who care for them, In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.  Amen