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Are We a Cluster?  The “Salish Cluster”? 

On March 5th a group of “Cluster” folks who were at the “Connecting Community and Cluster Conversation” held at Chemainus United Church on October 27, 2018 met to talk about planning a next "Salish Cluster" gathering.  A first question to address is whether our Cluster is ready to make itself as official as a “Cluster” can be.  As we plan future events, we need to establish some guidelines around accountability of financial resources (eg. managing funds, applications to ProVision or other grant sources), as well as naming key people who are willing to maintain communication and facilitate leadership to plan events.

This email is a request to “save the date” for a follow up “Salish Cluster” gathering that will take place on May 11, 2019, 10:00am – 3:00pm at Duncan United Church (bag lunch provided with an opportunity to explore the Farmer’s Market in downtown Duncan).  Linda Hill (see bio below) has agreed to facilitate the deepening conversation that day, and we will once again be inviting up to five people from each community of faith to join together as we continue to discern the call of our Cluster.  Some of the brain-storming on March 5th resulted in a dream list of ideas, passions and interests to deepen the connection and support our various ministries:  homelessness, pulpit swap, youth swap, Facebook group, Wild Church…and more!  So, save the date and begin talking up our next gathering scheduled for May 11th

Blessings from the Cluster Planning group,

Christine Blackburn (Christ Church, Gabriola)

Katherine Brittain (Sylvan United Church)

Sally Bullas (Brechin United Church)

Michelle Creedy (Duncan United Church)

Marian Flinton (Chemainus United Church)

Edie Harrison (Ladysmith United Church)

Karen Hollis (Christ Church, Gabriola)

Peggy Jensen (Brechin United Church)

Val Neilsen (Brechin United Church)

Sarah Prestwich (Duncan United Church)

Keith Simmonds (Duncan United Church)

Linda Hill (Co-ordinator, Inclusive Leadership Co-operative):  Linda has been guiding diverse groups of adults, youth, and children to build inclusive, welcoming and respectful schools, neighbourhoods, work-places and communities for over forty years. She has researched and developed two of the core sets of Inclusive Leadership skills: skills for connecting with differences and skills for Building Bridges within and between groups. These skills are explored in many articles, manuals and her two published books: (Discovering Connections (1998) and Connecting Kids (2001). Her third book-project, a guided quest through all four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership – Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential – has just been published as a participatory, online course.