Christine Blackburn
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Mid-Week Eucharist at Christ Church Gabriola

Mid-Week Eucharist at Christ Church Gabriola The Worship Committee of Christ Church Gabriola is supporting the Christian spiritual practice of a mid-week Eucharist or communion.

Interested congregants met with Reverend Karen in late April and mid-June to design a simple, informal, mid-week prayer and communion service. The decision to offer such a spiritual practice is in response to many congregational requests. A similar practice was implemented for a brief period during the interim ministry and was extremely popular.  

The simplicity of CCG’s mid-week Eucharist/communion will be reflected in the language of the service and its liturgy, the “work of the people.” The liturgy to be used is from the highly regarded Iona community, an international ecumenical movement committed to the “gospel of Jesus Christ, and to follow where that leads, even into the unknown.” The community is particularly well known for its inclusivity. The Iona liturgy we have selected draws on the rich Christian tradition of a deeply hospitable community where all are welcome.  

The simplicity of CCG’s mid-week Eucharist/communion will also be reflected in its design and implementation. The half-hour service is composed of prayers, readings and communion using the ancient practice of serving one another.   The first of CCG’s mid-week Eucharist/communion services are scheduled for June 26, July 17 and July 31 at 10 am. Anyone who wishes to share a few moments of prayer and communion with others is warmly invited