Hilary Plowright
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The House of God: 

 The diocese commissioned Frank to create a piece of art reflective of the diocese. Copies of this have now been sent to every parish in the diocese.

Of the print, Frank Nelson wrote:

"Within all First Nations cultures we have been provided with gifts from the Creator. The houses of killer whale, raven, wolf and eagle dictate our discipline in life and the demands that the Creator makes of us to maintain integrity, respect, honour and humility. We are not to place ourselves over and above anybody; we are all the same children of God.”

The design in the shape of a house front, depicting four clans of the North Coast people, is symbolic of all creation, suffused with the life of God. The house is the house of Christ, made up of all and diverse people of God—a strong house serving our chief, the Christ. The door of the house is surmounted by the double-headed sea-serpent to remind us of our choice to walk in the way of Christ or to go in another detrimental way. We can love; we can hate. We can destroy, and we can re-create. It parallels the biblical teaching of love and harmony with God and with each other.