Christian Pilgrimage
Summer Christian Pilgrimage
Summer is a special time for travel, adventures, and generally enjoying the outdoors. In the Christian tradition, as well summertime is the time for journeys, particularly pilgrimage. Summer looks different this year due to COVID and our plans have been altered, but we can still engage in the Christian practice of Pilgrimage because it is an inward journey as well as an outward one. 
I have pulled together the first of three personal pilgrimage retreats for our congregation to use this summer. The retreats are in 3 movements: July/Beginning, August/Walking, September/Coming Home. A couple of weeks after each retreat is released, you are invited to gather on zoom and share your experiences. The first gathering will be Thursday, July 16 at 10am. 
Attached is a printable version of the first retreat: Beginning (July). 
Blessings on your journeys, I look forward to connecting with you on the 16th.
Rev. Karen