Prayer Shawl Ministry

Over the centuries, the prayer shawl has come to symbolize shelter, peace and spiritual sustenance to believers in times of both joy and sorrow. The creation and presentation of a prayer shawl enriches the giver as well as the recipient.  Beautiful colours and silky softness shaped into a prayer shawl give us a tangible reminder of God’s promise to always be with us.  

A group of women at Christ Church Gabriola combine their love for knitting or crocheting with their desire to reach out to others to offer prayer and comfort through our prayer shawl ministry.  Once completed, the prayer shawls are blessed by our Minister before distribution to ensure that those who have made them and those who receive them are "covered in prayer."   We gather in a spirit of friendship and love to pray, share, knit and crochet shawls to be given to people who could use a spiritual "hug". Prayerful knitting is a ministry that can be done from a church group, home or anywhere.    

We meet on the 3rd Monday each month at 1:30 pm

All are welcome.   For more information please contact: [email protected]