Hilary Plowright
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For the season of Epiphany Karen will be doing a preaching series on Rev. Janet Gear's Theological Banquet. Janet is a former professor at Vancouver School of Theology and did a deep study over a number of years on theology in the United Church.

While some criticize the United Church for not having a clear theology, Janet maintains that the denomination actually has 5 distinct theological streams: Evangelical, Ecclesial, Missional, Ecumenical, and Spiritual.

Beginning on January 17, Karen will be presenting one stream per week through the sermon, hymns, and the language of the liturgy.

While Janet developed the Theological Banquet out of a study of the United Church, the theologies can be applied more generally.

Learning about the Theological Banquet can help us understand ourselves, each other, and give us language to more effectively communicate.