CCG Council Minutes & Annual Reports

Church council is both a process and a structure to enable parishioners to accept and to
share more fully the task of continuing the church’s work in the church and its
community. Its work calls forth and affirms the many gifts and competencies
needed to meet the pastoral needs of God’s people and make manifest the presence
of Christ in the communities it serves.


Church Council (Church Council is the governing body of Christ Church Gabriola.)

Paddy Waymark, AC Synod Rep

Nancy Heatherington-Pierce, UC PC Pacific Mountain Rep

Lisa Griffith (Treasurer)

Mona Smart (co-chair ), Nancy Heatherington-Pierce (co-chair), Rob Brockley (co-chair)

Rev Suzanna Bates (or designate)

Members at Large:

  • Hilary Plowright (Communications )
  • Rob Brockley
  • Jacqui Parker- Snedker 
  • Tim Leaden  
  • Don Moser 
  • Paddy Waymark


  • Brian Field
  • Mona Smart

Minutes from previous Church Council meetings are attached.

Annual Report 2020 attached